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Wer will heute Ritter sein?

Action Show
Kids & families
Stage at the Gaukeltor on the Alten Markt
All Year
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Fiery children's interactive show for brave comrades-in-arms

The Black Sheriff holds the Insel der Ritter in his grip and Merlin the Good Wizard seems defeated. But two brave knights stand faithfully by his side and seek comrades-in-arms against the evil opponent. But for the time being, each candidate has to prove whether he or she can stand up to the seemingly superior enemy. Only the bravest, cleverest and most purposeful are admitted to the knighthood and can face the Black Sheriff. Are you one of them? Try your luck and challenge the Black Sheriff!


From September onwards

EUR 38.50

EUR 24.90

The new Season passes are here!

The new Season passes are here!