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Our opening hours for your adventure.

At BELANTIS, you can experience a season full of adventure with extensive opening hours. Take a look at our opening hours calendar and find out which days you can come and experience some unforgettable moments. Just outside Leipzig, eight themed areas full of adventure await you, along with more than 60 attractions and shows. You’re going to love it!

Agenda For This Day
Unfortunately, we're closed that day.
We're looking forward to welcome you another day!
Alle Tickets bereits vergriffen!
Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch an einem anderen Tag!
If there is a colored bar on the day of the visit, we are open!
GRAYBLUE: 10-17 Uhr I PURPLE: 10-18 Uhr I ULTRAMARINE: 10-20 Uhr (Halloween-Spezial)
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Ticket-offers for you admission

Day tickets

Ticket type

Dated one-time ticket (11 years and over)

Dated one-time ticket (4 to 10 years)

Open-Day ticket (flexible, one time usage)

Children under 4 years can enter the park for free.

27,90 € - 42,90 €
27,90 € -37,90 €
44,90 €
No booking required
Ticket office
44,90 €
39,90 €
44,90 €
No booking required

Useful information:

  • One-time admission on one operating day during the 2023 season
  • This ticket makes a wonderful gift.
  • The online admission prices vary depending on the season and opening hours.
  • For the best possible ticket price, we recommend booking online (pre-sale discount of up to 38%).

Season passes

Ticket type

Season pass KÖNIG

Season pass GRAF

Season pass RITTER

Season pass KNAPPE

99,90€ or upgrade on the day of the visit on site* for 55 €
73,90€ or upgrade on the day of the visit on site* for 29€
63,90€ or upgrade on the day of the visit on site* for 19€
53,90€ or upgrade on the day of the visit on site* for 9€

Useful information:

  • Admission
    • One-time admission on one operating day during the 2023 season and the rest of 2022 season.
  • This ticket makes a wonderful gift.

Gift vouchers

Our vouchers, worth EUR 30, 50 or 100, can be redeemed anywhere at BELANTIS. For example, at the ticket offices, our food outlets or the castle shop. Please note that these gift vouchers cannot be redeemed in our online shop.

The gift vouchers are valid for 3 years. Give your loved ones the gift of an unforgettable experience – give them a piece of BELANTIS! Or just treat yourself!

  • EUR 100 gift voucher                          EUR 100
  • EUR 50 gift voucher                            EUR 50
  • EUR 30 gift voucher                            EUR 30

Special tickets

Birthday ticket
Free admission on the day of the birthday. If the birthday falls on a closing day, the next regular opening day applies.

Guests with disabilities (from GdB80)
Tickets are available at a reduced price of 29,90€.

Guests with disabilities (from GdB100 as well as G, aG, BL, H, B)
Admission is free for guests with GdB100 and/or one of the signs G, aG, BL, H. If the severely disabled person's ID also contains the sign B, an accompanying person also receives free admission.

Children under 4 years of age
Admission is free. The child does not need a ticket.



Enjoy our online discount!

Enjoy our online discount!