BELANTIS improves cashless payment!

For faster service and greater security!

BELANTIS - the adventure realm is upgrading to cashless payments starting from the 2023 season. It will be possible to pay by card at all BELANTIS food stands and bistros*. We accept all major credit cards, Maestro cards (EC), Google Pay, Apple Wallet, and, of course, BELANTIS vouchers.

By using cashless payment methods, we can provide you with smoother and more secure transactions at our cash registers. No unnecessary waiting times because you have to search for small change or our staff have to count money.

And in case of a lost card, it is secured by a PIN and cannot be used by others. On the other hand, if you lose cash, it's usually gone!

If you still prefer to pay with cash, you will find at least one cash register option at every point of sale. Please pay attention to the respective signs when multiple registers are open: "Card Payment Only" / "Cash or Card Payment."

We wish you an adventurous time at BELANTIS!

*In the park, you will find external caterers (e.g., Langos, Knobi Brot), and vouchers are not accepted here. Card payment is possible but may require a minimum purchase amount. Currently, coffee machines only accept cash.

FAQs - Do you still have questions? Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

  • Why do you expand cashless payment?

    Not only since the COVID-19 pandemic, but cashless payment has been gaining increasing popularity. It is simple, secure, and contactless. Additionally, it allows for faster transactions at cash registers and helps reduce unnecessary waiting times.

  • Can I still pay cash?

    Yes, there will still be at least one cash register open at every point of sale, accepting cash.

    If multiple cash registers are open, please follow the signage that reads "Cash or Card Payment" for your payment options.

  • What types of payment does BELANTIS accept?

    We accept both cash and various cashless payment methods, including EC cards, major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Amex, JBC, and mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google/Android Pay.

If you have additional questions related to our new payment policy prior to your visit, please contact us directly so we can assist you.