Our vacancies and training opportunities

Whether you’re interested in working with us as a ride operator at one of our attractions, an employee in our restaurants, in our engineering, logistics, accounting departments, in our event agency EmiR Entertainment or as an apprentice: we have a wide range of jobs on offer for specialists, managers, career changers and newcomers to the world of work and we’re always on the lookout for motivated individuals. Want a job that makes other people happy? Become part of our friendly team!

As a ‘Belantist’, you will not only be one of up to 300 employees at the BELANTIS theme park, the first and largest theme park in Central Germany,  you’ll also be part of Parques Reunidos, one of the world’s leading operators of theme parks, water parks and zoos.

Thanks to our friendly and hospitable team, combined with our heartfelt desire to ensure our guests enjoy a wonderful, safe and varied experience every day of their stay with us, we love coming into work each day. This also affects how we work together as a team.

Working here, you’ll see and experience…

…the pride of working at a theme park and the fun of making people happy through your work every day.

…the joy of both greeting excited regulars and seeing the visitor numbers rise, as well as relishing new moments of success, which we celebrate together.

…how we take you by the hand and open up new career prospects for you as a newcomer to the fields of catering, service, sales or attractions.

…a feel-good atmosphere and teamwork that grows into a sense of community and even friendship.

…a friendly, informal working environment with short decision-making chains.

transparent communication – in the form of personal, two-way feedback meetings, recognition for achievements and corporate messages on our notice boards.

…an unconditionally welcoming culture: no matter how old you are, where you come from or what you’ve learned before, we are all BELANTISTS!

…a workplace that’s out in the fresh air in the heart of the Leipzig’s Neuseenland area, surrounded by forests, lakes, cycle trails – and yet just a 15-minute drive from the centre of Leipzig.

…a professional occupation that allows you to enjoy a private life alongside your work. With flexible shift patterns and working hours, which usually take the form of daytime shifts, you’re sure to find the right balance. Though your weekends will be very busy in summer, the off-season and especially the winter season are for you and your family!

As an apprentice at a theme park, you will not only have the most exciting apprenticeship at your vocational school, you will also benefit from a particularly varied training experience with a level of individual responsibility:

  • BELANTIS is open from March to November: your tasks will be based around our attractions, in our restaurants and in close interaction with our guests. In winter, you’ll learn about the administrative processes that take place behind the scenes.
  • From the very start, you’ll take on responsibilities within our small teams and, as an employee in our restaurants or park business, you will already be a qualified BELANIST in several teams within the first year of your apprenticeship, with a supporting role in selecting personnel or training and coordinating new colleagues.
  • No two days are the same: with working days alternating between quiet and busy, special events such as company parties or Halloween, constantly changing decorations and various promotions, you’ll never get bored.
  • Our professional managers, who are employed all year round, will be your permanent points of contact. You’ll attend regular, two-way feedback meetings with the aim of making your training even more successful.
  • We want to keep giving you opportunities even after your apprenticeship is over. Whenever we’re seeking new junior staff in management and administration roles, we always look within our own ranks first.
  • There are just one or two apprentices in each field of training per year, resulting in a small team of apprentices who are trained very carefully.
  • Your vocational school:
    • …for an apprenticeship in leisure & tourism is in Sedlitz* (southern Brandenburg) or Weimar (Thüringen).
    • …for an apprenticeship in gardening and landscaping is in Wurzen*.
    • …for an apprenticeship in warehousing and logistics is in Schkeuditz near Leipzig.
    • …for an apprenticeship in events is in Riesa*.
    •  * If you need to pay increased travel costs in order to attend your vocational school, we will provide you with financial compensation as well as advice on places to stay during block weeks.
  • If you are training in the fields of leisure & tourism or catering, your working hours during the summer season will be based on the opening hours of BELANTIS. In the winter season and in all other fields of training, you will predominantly work early shifts, starting at 7 am for garden and landscaping and 9 am for events. When you work shifts at the weekend, you will of course be given days off during the week to make up for it.
  • Your training salary is fair and increases on an annual basis. Of course, we’d be more than happy to provide advice on support options so that you don’t run into any difficulties at the end of the month with your first apartment, when looking for private tuition or due to daily travel costs.
  • There are even more benefits that make us a brilliant organisation to train with, which you can read about under the next point.
You and your family at BELANTIS
  • Free Season Passes for you and your partner and children
  • Discounted day tickets/Season Passes for up to 10 other people
  • Discounts on food and drinks, as well as souvenirs
  • Discounts on baked goods, travel, multimedia or tickets and events, among other things, at our bonus partners
Your work at BELANTIS
  • Flexible working models (full time, part time, as a Midi-job or a Mini-job, short-term employment or in the form of a work/study contract)
  • Convenient working hours, including in the fields of catering and sales/guest services, within the opening hours of 10 am – 5 pm during the off season and until 6 pm during peak season (except during special events and the Halloween adventure).
  • Further training opportunities, e.g. as a safety officer, volunteer firefighter, a shift supervisor or a restaurant manager in our catering department or an operator of the large rides in our adventure area
  • Regular company events, e.g. summer festival, end-of-season fête, individual team events, BBQ evenings and much more
You will receive...
  • A free parking space
  • A free and high-quality functional uniform
  • Extensive induction training with a fixed contact person
  • An employee handbook for reference
Facilities for your daily working life
  • A separate staff canteen with a different menu of meals, salads and desserts each day
  • Mobile catering units on hot and cold days
  • Option of a ‘JobTicket’ (MDV) and a staff bus (bus line 105 to Markleeberg S-Bahn station) during peak season so that you can begin your shift on time and get home safely on operating days
  • Spacious, clean changing rooms and showers
  • Volleyball equipment especially for BELANTIS employees
Other benefits
  • Assistance with finding accommodation for short-term seasonal staff
  • A green, outdoor workplace in the heart of the Neuseenland area near Leipzig
  • BELANTIS is just a 15-minute drive from the city centre

Here’s an overview of all the employment models we offer:

Due to the seasonal nature of our main business, we are not able to offer permanent full-time contracts in all fields of work. Nevertheless, we want to offer you, as a potential "Belanist", the fairest possible conditions and ensure that you are personally informed of your options before you are employed.

Seasonal contracts start as early as March and end as late as November. 
Within this period, you can work with us in the following models:

  • Full time (160 hours per month) or part time  (141 hours or more per month)
  • In the form of a Midi-job (49 to 140 hours)
    • You pay comparatively reduced social security contributions
    • You are taxed on the basis of your income tax bracket
    • You are entitled to paid sick leave in the event of illness
  • In the form of a Mini-job  (you can earn up to EUR 450 per month)
    • We pay your social security contributions for you
    • You receive your wages on a ‘gross for net’ basis (we pay income tax for you at a flat rate of 2%)
  • In the form of short-term employment (no limit on earnings, but you can only work for max. 70 days)
    • This form of employment is only legally permitted if you are a school pupil, a student, an apprentice, between school and university, a stay-at-home wife/husband, already employed or self-employed with private health insurance
    • You do not have to pay any social security contributions 
    • You are allowed to earn as much as the Working Hours Act permits
    • You may have to pay income tax, depending on your tax features
  • As a working student (students only)
    • There is no limit on earnings, but you can only work for max. 20 hours per week during term time
    • You do not have to pay any social security contributions except for pension scheme contributions (so almost ‘gross for net’)
    • You do not have to pay any tax unless you earn more than EUR 9,168 per year

Are all advertised vacancies still available?
Yes, all advertised vacancies are updated on a daily basis and are open for applications.

How do I apply to work at BELANTIS?
You can apply via the application form directly below each vacancy or by email at personal(at) .
Although we prefer digital applications for environmental reasons and because we can process them more quickly, you may also send your application to us via post to 

FOA Frau Marlene Woloszyn
Zur Weißen Mark 1
D-04249 Leipzig

. However, if you do send your application documents to us by post, please note that we will not be able to return them to you, so you will need to provide an alternative means of contacting you during the application process (telephone number, email address).

Which documents do I need to submit with my application?
The most important document for us is a comprehensible CV in German with your current contact details.
If you really want to impress us, please also send us

  • A personal cover letter 
  • Copies of your most recent school/graduation certificates and/or
  • references from your most recent employer(s)
  • Other references you wish to submit with your application

How should I apply if I’m interested in more than one vacancy?
We’re so pleased that you’re interested in applying for multiple positions. Nevertheless, please send us only one application and explain which other roles you think you’d be suitable for in your cover letter

Can I introduce myself in person without applying in advance?
Since not all of our HR decision-makers are on site every day, please bring your CV with your contact details with you if you come to visit us in person. We’d be happy to invite you back and introduce you to your future manager! You can hand in your application at our information desk, located by the castle entrance on the right-hand side, just after the gate by the ticket office.

When can I apply?
In general, we are looking for

  • Apprentices for advertised apprenticeships from 1 August onwards each year
  • Seasonal staff between 1 March and 15 November each year
  • We are only looking for specialist staff in other areas when such positions are advertised.

We don’t have any application deadlines, so you can apply whenever you see that we have a vacancy!

What happens to my application documents?
These are (digitised and) added to our applicant database. We process all applications strictly in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. If you do not end up working with us and would like your documents to be deleted immediately, please contact us directly.

How old do I need to be to apply?
You must be at least 16 years old to work with us. For some positions of responsibility, e.g. ride operators or positions that involve handling money, you must be 18 years old or over.

Is there an upper age limit for employment?
No! We employ pensioners too, and they are always welcome here.

Can I apply without a work or residence permit?
You need to have a valid work permit on your first day of work in order to work with us. If you are an EU citizen or an European Economic Area (or Swiss) national, you do not need a permit and may take up employment in Germany at any time.

If you are a third-country national, you can obtain a residence permit with a work permit at your local immigration authority in your place of residence in Germany or, if you live in another country, at the visa office of the German embassy or consulate.

Do I need a good command of German to work at BELANTIS?
Every BELANTIS employee is also a host. You should therefore be able to communicate, or ideally be fluent, in German, i.e. be able to hold a conversation in German. This is also important because it enables us to train you and guarantee your safety in the workplace.

Does BELANTIS cover travel costs for the interview?
Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the large number of applicants. However, if you have attended a personal appointment with us, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a letter of confirmation so that you can have your travel expenses reimbursed by the employment agency or through your tax return.

Can I work at BELANTIS during the school or university holidays?
Of course! Please note that you should be available for at least three weeks at a time so that you are able to work independently after extensive induction training.

Are there any accommodation options available for BELANTIS employees?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any accommodation options for our employees. However, if you would like to move to the local area, our colleagues from the HR department will be happy to advise you. They can also find you a reasonably priced guesthouse nearby for seasonal work.

Can I also get to BELANTIS via public transport?
Unfortunately, the bus to our theme park only operates during peak season. Since this bus line is adapted to our opening hours and not to employee shifts, we recommend commuting by car or bicycle (e.g. from the nearest S-Bahn stop).

What are the daily working hours like?
Our working hours vary depending on the field of work. As a rule, they are based on the park opening times and our employees work according to a rota.

Will I also need to work during weekends and bank holidays?
We always expect lots of visitors during weekends and bank holidays. And so, of course, we are always available for our guests and ready to work during these times. Of course, you will be given days off during the week to compensate for this. 

What is the hourly pay at BELANTIS?
Our pay varies depending on the applicant’s job and level of experience. We’d be happy to talk to you about your earning potential in an initial phone interview after assessing your professional background.

Still have a question?

Just send us a message!  Please do not send us any applications via this contact form. 

Worthwhile already from the 2nd visit

Worthwhile already from the 2nd visit