A whole season full of adventure

Experience a spook-tastic autumn at the BELANTIS Halloween special

Your Halloween adventure at BELANTIS! 

In October, it’ll be time for the Halloween highlight of the year! This year, during the most spook-tastic season of all, AbenteuerReich will once again be offering a combination of scares for the big kids and fun and excitement for the little ones. BELANTIS gets a spooky makeover, creating a unique, enchanting atmosphere amidst the wide range of rides. 

The Halloween special 

The Halloween Special 2022 will take place on these days:

Saturday, 01.10.2022

Saturday, 08.10.2022

Saturday, 15.10.2022

Saturday, 22.10.2022

Saturday, 29.10.2022 including fireworks

Sunday, 30.10.2022 including fireworks

Monday, 31.10.2022 including fireworks

To make the most of the Halloween atmosphere, we will even be open until 20:00 on these days. 

Dress up and become part of the wondrous Halloween world of BELANTIS.  Please note that full masks are not permitted. 

We will tell you shortly what exactly awaits you at BELANTIS Adventure Kingdom on Halloween. Tickets can be purchased quickly and easily in our online shop.



Fun and excitement for the kids... 

Don your costume and get ready for a journey of discovery – in the AbenteuerReich, you can experience your very own Halloween adventure.

Many of our rides are open to visitors as young as 4 years and our spooky mazes are open to visitors as young as 6 years. Gather all your courage and help to protect the dragon family or take the crystal through the dark fairytale forest to the wizard.  

Across the entire theme park, you’ll find fantastical creatures just waiting to sweep you away into the very special Halloween world of the BELANTIS AbenteuerReich.

...Scares for the big kids! 

In our spooky mazes, which have a minimum age of either 12 or 16 years, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a horror movie. Spooky characters played by live actors will teach you the meaning of fear and create an atmosphere that will make your hair stand up on end. Dare to venture inside the pyramid or step into the labyrinth of horrors.

Scream...if you can!

An overview of all our spooky mazes  

Fantastical Creatures

Minimum age: 4 years. 

Fugomil the dragon has finally had a baby. To protect his offspring from any danger, he needs the magical forces of fantastical mythical creatures and the help of the littlest BELANTIS visitors…  

Dark Fairytale Forest 

Minimum age: 6 years (maximum age: 10 years, accompanied by a supervising adult). Puss in Boots has given the saviours of the fairytale forest – the children – a crystal, which they must bring to the wizard in one piece and without straying from the path…  

Tomb of Terror

Minimum age: 12 years.  

A previously undiscovered tomb has been found during excavations in the pyramid. The fact that opening the tomb also fulfils the Pharaoh’s curse is something the unsuspecting excavators don’t discover until it’s too late...  

The Curse of Imhotep

Minimum age: 16 years. 

In the 1930s, researchers discovered an inscription in the pyramid left by the master architect Imhotep, which evokes the most terrible of all Egyptian curses...  

Labyrinth of Horrors

Minimum age: 16 years.

A previously unknown form of pestilence has taken hold at the foot of the castle. Those who are infected turn into creatures that could hardly still be called human. If you dare to enter here, you should expect the worst… 

From September onwards, tickets available from

EUR 38.50

EUR 24.90