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BELANTIS - Adventure Kingdom

BELANTIS – The Adventure Kingdom is the unique leisure experience for families seeking fun, action, adventure, and relaxation.

This family amusement park takes you on a journey through space and time, offering its guests a diverse mix of thrilling rides, magical shows, and pure relaxation. In the eight fantastic theme worlds of the "Adventure Kingdom," over 60 attractions and shows, including various roller coasters, a water ride, and several dozen other rides, provide boundless adventure and constant fun for both young and old guests. BELANTIS is thus the perfect destination for all families and adventure seekers.

From Mining Site to Amusement Park

BELANTIS began its journey as a dream of the Regiocast Group, the radio station group in Eastern Germany. Their vision was to create an amusement park that could compete with the larger parks in the western part of the country. For this ambitious project, a 50-hectare area near Leipzig, close to Lake Zwenkau, was chosen.

The start of the development phase was challenging. The site was formerly part of a lignite strip mine, and the nature of the soil made construction difficult. Additionally, rainfall and unforeseen changes in the construction plans complicated the work.

Despite these initial difficulties, BELANTIS opened its gates in April 2003. The park steadily grew, expanding its offerings with breathtaking attractions such as the "Huracan" in 2010 and the family-friendly "Cobra of Amun Ra" in 2015.

With the expansion of the thematic areas and the construction of a bridge between the "Reich der Sonnentempel" and the "Prärie der Indianer" in 2017, BELANTIS enabled visitors to complete a full tour of the park. In 2018, the Spanish company "Parques Reunidos" took over the management of the park and expanded the area by an additional 27 hectares.

Today, BELANTIS encompasses eight themed areas and more than 60 attractions, attracting visitors from all directions.

Explore our Shows!

Explore our Shows!