Halloween in BELANTIS

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  • Snacks and drinks

    Beef Burger

    Veggie Burger

    Pork schnitzel with fries

    Pork schnitzel with bread roll

    Bratwurst with bread roll

    Wedges with herb dip

    Salad with mozzarella & bread roll

    Bread rolls single

    Herb dressing portion

    Bautzner mustard portion

    Heinz BBQ sauce


    Pretzel with cheese

    Double Belgian choc cookie

    Waffle on a stick with chocolate

    Spirello (potato spirals)

    Seasoning salt (Zoutmix)

    Seasoning barbeque

    Nutella crepe


    Latte macchiato


    hot white chocolate

    Coca Cola

    Fanta Orange

    Lemon Fuze Tea

    Ur- KrostitzerFassbier

    Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen

    Cheese burger

    Kicker burger

    Pork schnitzel with salad

    Bratwurst with fries

    Baked potato with herb dip

    Salad with chicken & bread roll

    Salad with feta cheese & bread roll

    Joghurt dressing portion

    Heinz Ketchup portion

    Heinz Mayonnaise portion

    Heinz Sweet & Sour Sauce

    Chicken nuggets


    Chocolate chip cookie

    Waffle on a stick with powdered sugar

    Paprika seasoning salt

    Spicy seasoning

    Seasoning satè



    Hot chocolate

    Mulled wine (seasonal)

    Coffee cream portion


    Lift apple spritzer

    Ur- KrostitzerSchwarzbier

    Schöfferhofer Grapefruit

    Clausthaler Alcohol-free


For your safety

For your safety