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  • Snacks and drinks

    Strawberry sundae

    Chocolate sundae

    Waffle on a stick with chocolate

    Scoop of vanilla ice cream

    Scoop of chocolate ice cream

    Scoop of blue candy floss ice cream

    Scoop of Stracciatella ice cream

    Scoop of raspberry white chocolate ice cream

    Waffle for scoop of ice cream

    Mediterranean tarte flambée

    Pork schnitzel in bread roll

    Salad with chicken & bread roll

    Salad with feta cheese & bread roll

    Joghurt dressing portion

    Heinz Ketchup portion

    Heinz Mayonnaise portion

    Pretzel with cheese

    Donut black crumble

    Donut bubble gum

    Mini donut

    Muffin Oreo

    Double Belgian choc cookie

    Tangerine cream slice

    Cheese sheet cake

    Chocolate sheet cake

    Strawberry fruit slices


    Latte macchiato


    hot white chocolate

    Coffee cream portion

    Fanta Orange

    Lemon Fuze Tea

    Ur- KrostitzerFassbier

    Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen

    Clausthaler Alcohol-free

    Fruit sundae

    Kleiner Prinz sundae

    Waffle on a stick with powdered sugar

    Scoop of strawberry ice cream

    Scoop of bubblegum marshmallow ice cream

    Scoop of banana crunch ice cream

    Scoop of mermaid ice cream

    Scoop of mint crunch ice cream

    Alsatian style tarte flambée

    Hot Dog

    Bockwurst in a bread roll

    Salad with mozzarella & bread roll

    Bread rolls single

    Herb dressing portion

    Bautzner mustard portion


    Donut Oreo

    Donut sour lemon

    Donut pinky

    Mini brownie

    Muffin nut nougat

    Chocolate chip cookie

    Black Forest cherry slice

    Marble sheet cake

    Spanish vanilla slice

    Apple and pecan pie



    Hot chocolate

    Mulled wine (seasonal)

    Coca Cola


    Lift apple spritzer

    Ur- KrostitzerSchwarzbier

    Schöfferhofer Grapefruit

    Müller Thurgau white wine


For your safety

For your safety