Alter Marktplatz

The ‘Alter Marktplatz’, which is modelled after the historic town centre of Quedlinburg and located behind the large town gate, is full of enchanting architecture, with little overlapping half-timbered houses and cosy parlours. Embark on an exciting journey through time to the Middle Ages and get swept up in the magical atmosphere of this place – or you can even take the reins yourself, dance the night away at a hearty Oktoberfest celebration and turn the Alten Marktplatz and the Pulverschänke restaurant into a party zone.

A feast fit for a knight

  • Suitable for daytime and evening events
  • Available to book from April – October
  • For groups of 100 people or more
  • Indoors: up to 150 people
  • Outdoors: up to 300 people
  • Optional entertainment (juggler, Middle Ages fire show, band, DJ, etc.)
  • Optional rides (Drachenritt, Verlies des Grauens, Drachenflug)
Alter Marktplatz

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For your safety