Playa del Maya

A fantastic event on the beach - in the middle of a theme park. Where on earth could you find such a thing? At BELANTIS, of course! The beach area at Playa del Maya, located in the Reich der Sonnentempel, is available as an exclusive venue for your event. Beach chairs and lounge furniture create the perfect setting for an informal meeting with your business partners or colleagues, or simply to relax after all the adventures you’ve experienced in the theme park.

Chill out on the beach

  • Suitable for daytime events
  • Available to book from May – September
  • For groups of 100 people or more
  • Outdoors: up to 100 people
  • Optional catering available on the adjoining events area
Playa del Maya

Information & bookings

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Telephone: 0341-9103-3333


"During peak season: Monday-Sunday, 9 am to 3pm

Off season: Monday-Friday, 9 am to 3 pm"

For your safety

For your safety