Capt'n Black's Piratentaufe

Küste der Entdecker
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: No restrictions
Maximum height: No restrictions
Adult Companion Required
up to 1.00m and under 6 years accompaniment of an adult required
4 years
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
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On the mast in free fall

On the coast of the explorers, the great pirate ship, the Black Pirate, is stranded. On board the galleon there is much to discover for our young sailors. Many games, ball-throwing cannons, climbing activities and hammocks for exhausted sailors await you. But the highlight of the Black Pirate is Capt'n Black's Piratentaufe. A test where you will have to prove your seaworthiness.


Capt'n Black's private baptism is a tilt tower (free fall) with a height of 13 meters and a tilt angle of 15 degrees. That's right, the peculiarity of this ship's tower is that not only will you fall vertically, but you'll also be tilted in different directions. With this special feature, Capt'n Black's Pirate Baptism is the second tilt tower of its kind ever built. An attraction that challenges especially our young explorers.


Are you brave enough for Capt'n Black's Piratentaufe?

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