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Verlies des Grauens (currently closed)

All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: No restrictions
6 years
All Year
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Mad House

The Verlies des Grauens is the perfect name, because you will learn to shudder here. Encounter the mystical adventures of Merlin the Great Wizard. In the courtyard of Drachenburg everything is still relaxed, but don't reach the entrance to the Verlies des Grauens. An unreal, exciting power draws you under its spell down into the dark catacombs. Here you can listen to the story of the black sheriff and how he came into possession of the magic crystal. The power of the crystal turned the black sheriff into an evil magician that only Merlin can defy. He immediately comes to the rescue to defeat the evil with his magic. But beware, the magic will shake the whole castle.

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From September onwards

EUR 38.50

EUR 24.90

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