Insel der Ritter
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 100cm
Maximum height: No restrictions
Adult Companion Required
under 7 years of age accompaniment of an adult required
4 years
All Year
55 km/h
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The Drachenritt - A Journey through the Castle of BELANTIS

The Middle Ages was teeming with flying monsters. You will conquer one of them here!

Let the dragon take you to the highest point of the castle, the Drachenritt ride of your life begins here. In a rapid dash, you glide past the castle battlements as if in flight to catch a fantastic view of the BELANTIS amusement park for a few seconds. But then there is no turning back, the dragon performs wild tricks on the winding track down into the valley. In a frantic downhill ride, you will be pushed with power into the sharp steep curve, hurtling straight through a dark cave, only to come to a moderate halt in the monster's huge mouth. Finally you can breathe a sigh of relief, you have done it, the princess is truly proud of you. 

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