Cobra des Amun Ra

Tal der Pharaonen
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 100cm
Maximum height: No restrictions
Adult Companion Required
under 7 years of age accompaniment of an adult required.
4 years
All Year
55 km/h
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family attraction

Our family attraction once again takes you through ancient Egypt, to the Pharaoh's impressive giant snake which guards his temple. The whole family is guaranteed to have fun here!

The Cobra des Amun Ra roller coaster towers gracefully in front of you The impressive curves are reminiscent of the body of a giant snake. Just looking at this imposing figure makes your body tingle and your adrenaline level inevitably rise.  Be brave, get in and let yourself be fascinated by a rapid up and downhill ride over daring serpentines. After the initial shock of the dizzying heights you will feel as free as a bird and definitely want to ride the Cobra again. Please smile at the end of the ride... a flashing surprise awaits you...

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