Reich der Sonnentempel
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 90cm
Maximum height: 120cm
Maximum weight: 40kg
Adult Companion Required
3 years
Disability Access
All Year
15-20 km/h
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Children's roller coaster

Are your parents worried because you really want to go on a roller coaster? They don't have to be, because there is still the little brother of the big Huracan, the Huracanito. It's adventurous in its own way and you're sure to be as excited as the bigger ones in the Huracan on your ride. You, too, will feel butterflies in your stomach when the next curve thrills you. But the best thing is that you get to go on your first rollercoaster ride all by yourself, without mum and dad.

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From September onwards

EUR 38.50

EUR 24.90

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