Halloween BELANTIS

Last chance: 28.-31.10.2023

Halloween-Adventure at BELANTIS

Get your tickets and enjoy the season finale 2023

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Halloween - Belantis

Your Halloween adventure at BELANTIS!

This year it is again "Scary for the big ones. Astonishment and fun for the little ones" at the BELANTIS Adventure Kingdom.

In addition to our attractions, our spooky mazes for different age groups are waiting for you on these days from 11:00 am. From 4:00 p.m. on, the gloomy figures will also romp along our paths. 

In how many days is Halloween? At BELANTIS you don't have to wait long! The Halloween Special 2023 will take place every Saturday in October as well as on Oct. 29, 30 and 31, 2023.

In order to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere in a special way, we will even be open until 8:00 p.m. on these days. 


Dress up and become part of the wondrous Halloween world of BELANTIS.  Please note that a full mask is not allowed.

In 2023 you can look forward to the Halloween special on the following days:

-Saturday, 10/07/2023

-Saturday, 10/14/2023

-Saturday, 10/21/2023

-Saturday, 10/28/2023

-Sunday, 10/29/2023

-Monday, 10/30/2023

-Tuesday 10/31/2023


Raffle: The Search of the giant Pumpkins

At the entrance you will receive your raffle tickets on the Halloween special days. Find the giant pumpkins in the park, draw them and throw your card into the lottery box next to the stage wagon on the Schlossplatz by 3:00 pm.

Main prize on 07.10.: Birthday party in the 2024 season at BELANTIS

Gastronomy: Terrifyingly good food for Halloween

In October, look forward to culinary Halloween highlights at our food outlets. We have expanded the menus at selected locations. Here's a little taste of what awaits you:

Alter Markt

  • Monster Burger
  • Zombie Chicken Döner
  • Cake Pop Waffel EYES

Tucks Bratenfeuer

  • Spooky Bubble Waffel with Vanilla Cream & Raspberry Sorbet
  • Hot Finger Burger


  • Halloween Pasta with extra chili sauce
  • Heißes Köpfchen (Baked potato with naturally colored herb quark)

Snack Oase

  • Pizza Schädel (Margherita)

Children's punch and mulled wine await you for a little warm-up in between.


Family adventure for big and small

Halloween at BELANTIS is Halloween for the whole family.

Many rides are available for ages 4 and up, and Halloween mazes are available for ages 4 and 6 and up. 

In our horror mazes from 12 or 16 years you will feel like in a horror movie.

Real characters will teach you fear and create an atmosphere that will make your hair stand on end.

Scream... if you can!

Worthwhile already from the 2nd visit

Worthwhile already from the 2nd visit